June 29, 2017

Tips for bird care

A large number of people are adopting the bird as a pet nowadays. The reason is clear. Taking care of birds are much easier than taking care of other animals. Birds don’t create any irritation and don’t do any harm to your family members. They are the most adorable and hassle free living creature which can be brought up so easily. You need to take proper care of your bird to give it a long and healthy life. People who have owned bird as pets for the very first time remain confused about the grooming and taking care of the bird. Here I am giving some tips about how to groom your bird and take proper care of it.

Most of the birds don’t make too much noise at home. You need to give them proper space for living. You should choose the cage of the bird carefully. The cage should not be small, and your bird should live under it peacefully. The cage should be made of a good quality stainless steel. You should give some time to the cage for drying up the color and then you should keep your bird into it. Under the cage, there should be a plastic sheet or straw so that you can clean up the garbage of the bird easily. You bird should be provided a clean and healthy environment. In the unhealthy environment, your bird may get sick. You should also clean the cage frequently to maintain the hygiene of your bird.

Cleaning the cage frequently is not enough to make your bird clean and healthy. You should also bathe your bird every single day. Birds are naturally a clean creature. They usually remain clean by themselves. But regular bathing with clean water makes them protected from different skin diseases. So, as an owner of the pet, you should ensure the cleanliness of your pet bird with the highest care.

Nail trimming, feather clipping are also two most important things to be done to your pet bird. These things should not be done so frequently. But long nail can create injury to your pet and the family member of yours.

You should leave your bird for few hours to roam and fly around your home. It should not always be caged. They will find peace and comfort when they can expand their wings and fly from one room to another. If your pet bird is completely under your control, you should leave it all day without caging.

If you want to make your bird talk, you should try it from the very beginning of its age. Talking birds can learn to talk in a very short time. Some birds can also sing which is an absolute entertainment factor for your family.

So, these are some tips to take care of your birds properly.

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June 22, 2017

Groom A Bird

It takes two people. One person to hold the bird and the other one to trim. Little bird's nails can be trimmed with a little baby nail trimmer. Apparently she doesn't like to have her nails trimmed, so she's voicing an opinion there and wings can be trimmed with a scissors. We do that very safely at the animal hospital.

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